Vice: How Much Life is Enough?

  • By dj
  • 16 August, 2017
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In early May this year I was filmed talking about my cryonics decision for a VICE Unlimited documentary, with interviewing and narration by science-fiction writer Monica Byrne. The result is a spine-tinglingly beautiful — almost ASMR-like — investigation of the science and thinking of death defiance and ‘immortalism’. The 12-minute film features Max More of Alcor, gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, marine biologist Dr Shin Kubota and a contemplative me showing Monica around the stunning Isle of Skye, my home (and cooking up some cockles that we collected on the shore). The quality of the film is down to producer Louis Bamber, director Sam Goldwater, and all their professional, empathetic and engaged crew.

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