Being an ‘Immortal’ Best Friend

DJ at bench readingA great friend since early high school, author and journalist Simon Goddard knows me better than most. Even so, revealing that you are having your head cryonically preserved when you die can send even your best mate into paroxysms of spluttering incredulity. Alternately star-gazing and shoe-gazing, Simon and I, along with Scott (the third member of our inseparable tribe) learned together the indispensable lesson of considered disobedience. In our different ways, we’re still hacking away with heart and attitude, railing against the bloated conventions of our often head-sick and hole-hearted (but pivotal) times.

So, here’s a warm-hearted take on my cold intentions by a friend who, I think, is beginning to see where my commitment to cryonics is coming from, and how it has changed me as a person. The article was written for, a new site challenging the dogmas of death, voicing (and helping to create) alternatives to the particularly unsound conventions and beliefs surrounding it.

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