D.J. MacLennan author photoA drenching wave of contradictions. Hell, that’s what I get for embarking on a series-person voyage of neurophilosophical discovery from a Scottish island. Late, too.

But thinkers need a place to think, and time to discover what they are. Some windsweeping, some frown lines, some laughter lines, some tears; a well-salted identity to dissolve with words.

And those words emanate from a splinter in my mind; the thorn of the future that is buried deep in me. One day, I may take it down into the liquid nitrogen with me. It triggers fear, rage, and soaring optimism about what is missing and what is to come. Sometimes I let it out. Sometimes I try to quell it by teetering in the moment. Contradictions.

If you have read my writing, you’ll have a feel for the sort of subjects that hold a fascination for me: empathy, personal identity, life and death, neuroscience, technology, artificial intelligence, the singularity, transhumanism, transformation, and transcendence.

Diving deep — with love and awe (and, sometimes, ire) — into the unquenchable ocean of abstraction and interconnection is my work and my abiding passion.

D.J. MacLennan

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